5 Ways to De-Stress 🧘🏾‍♀️

So much growth happened over the last year, but don’t let the added stress of the holidays weigh you down. It’s time to finish off strong. Here are some ways YGB Co-founders Danielle and Danielle de-stress and unwind! 

  1. Light a candle. It’s no secret that scent affects your mood. Lavender is usually the go to scent for a relaxing candle, but a bright, citrus scent will help you ignite new energy and spark joy! We highly recommend Palm Trees & 80 Degrees’ Sun Kissed Citrus candle (featured in the YGB membership box) as a first light in the morning to get your day going.

  2. Make a playlist of feel-good music. Mood music always sets the scene. Whether you’re working from home or having a virtual happy hour, music is a great way to impact your overall energy. The fastest way to turn cooking dinner with bae into a fun date night is a curated playlist. To turn folding laundry into a dance party, create a throwback playlist to help time fly.

  3. Add an extra luxe step to your skincare routine. If you already have your skincare routine in place, it might be time to treat yourself! Try adding in a new tool, like a tiger’s eye facial roller (featured in the YGB membership box) Your routine is unique to your personal skincare goals and a luxe addition will add some lustre.

  4. Unplug for 20 minutes. Before 2020 limiting screen time was already a goal for many. Now that Zoom is king and ‘Netflix and chill’ is mandatory, we have to be much more intentional when we unplug. Go outside for 20 minutes a day. Get some fresh air and make a point to see the sun! 

  5. Stretch. It might sound simple but it is so effective! Stretching increases your blood flow which has countless mental and physical health benefits. (You’ll thank us in 20 years!) You don’t have to become a yogi but adding intentional movement into your daily routine will greatly impact your stress level. 

When you’re feeling the pressure, make an effort to re-energize your five senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. Taking a moment to make a physical change allows your brain to relax and refocus. Set a timer on your phone or have an accountability partner. Whatever it takes to maintain a balanced life as the new year approaches. 

Let us know the ways you melt your stress away!