A Year to Remember

2020 has been a STRESSFUL year! The world came to a screeching halt. But honestly, I couldn’t be more grateful. In hindsight, 2019 was probably the most hectic year of my life. I moved to New York City without a job and without a place to live. Over the 7 months I lived in the city, I subletted 5 apartments, had 3 jobs, hosted my first Thanksgiving, signed with a talent agency, and signed my first NYC dance contract. Woof! I never stopped moving. (One thing to know about me is I LOVE to lounge!) The chaos of the city got the best of me. My mental health was suffering. I rang in the new year exhausted and in bed. On New Year’s Day, I worked a 6am-3pm shift at job #1 then a 4pm-11pm shift at job #2. It’s safe to say I started 2020 on a low.

By February, I was dancing full time--a dream job for many and one I loved! February 14th was the opening of my show, Company XIV’s Seven Sins. It was a magical journey that ended too soon. I, unknowingly, performed my last show on March 14th and haven’t stepped foot into the theater since. Three days later, I was on a flight to Fort Lauderdale...

After three months of sheltering in place in South Florida, I slowly started seeing friends again. One of the first was my YGB co-founder, Danielle T. It was inspiring to watch her work from home, take care of her daughter and pour handmade candles for her flourishing business. I helped her package and send candles as orders increased during the resurgence of the #BLM movement. The social unrest motivated me to take action. I didn’t want to be a passive observer. I wanted to have a real, lasting impact. 

Danielle and I spent countless hours brainstorming how we could make our mark. Before we knew it, YGB was born. We hit the ground running but we needed help. Our friends and family jumped at the opportunity. YGB wouldn’t be the same without Sydney, Hayley, Aileen, and Kimberly! I can’t thank you ladies enough! YGB Collective saved 2020! It gave me newfound purpose. I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I didn’t know how to start the journey. 2020 showed me the way. 


"At this crucial time in our lives, when everything is so desperate, when every day is a matter of survival, I don’t think you can help but be involved." - Nina Simone