This or That?

A great (and quick) way to get to know someone is to learn their preferences on controversial duos. Keep reading for some of ours! 

Coffee or Tea?

  • DG- Coffee. Double espresso, please!
  • DT- Definitely coffee. I’m an iced coffee girl through and through.

Facetime of Text?

  • DG- Call me, beep me if you want to reach me! A FaceTime feels like a mini kiki.
  • DT- FaceTime, I want to see my friend's faces! More so now with COVID.

Sneakers or Heels?

  • DG- Heels. They make me feel confident and powerful. Also, I’m 5”2’ so I can always use the extra inches. 
  • DT- Heels. They elevate any outfit in my humble opinion.

Going out or Staying in?

  • DG- Depends on the day. But now that I'm forced to quarantine, all I want to do is dance the night away!
  • DT- I used to be a going out girl but I love spending time with family and making memories at home :) 

Cooking or Eating out?

  • DG- Cooking. Trying new recipes and making them your own is always a good time!
  • DT- It depends. This past year I’ve done a lot of eating out in continuing to support local restaurants (and also because I’m lazy), but I do love finding a new recipe to try & cook. I have both of Chrissy Teigen's cookbooks and I've been thumbing through Ayesha Curry's cookbook recently too!