YGB Collective Gift Guide

We've curated gift sets for everyone on your holiday list.

You're welcome!

For the Beach Bum:
This holiday gift set is perfect for your friend who is posting her holidays in the Caribbean while you enjoy your white Christmas. 
Beach Bum Basics $65
Palm Trees & 80 Degrees Sun Kissed Citrus Candle and YGB matchsticks, Black Girl Sunscreen, SkinFlo Energy Aromatherapy Oil, NHCO Botanical Poolside Shower Steamer
For the Trendsetter:
She’s a 10/10 whether she’s running her weekly errands or out on the town. This holiday gift set will be the perfect addition to her glam kit.

Trendsetter Must Haves $45

Iigossi Blush Marble Earrings, Triple O Polish Egaue Nail Polish, Royal Jelly Harlem Gray Seersucker Mask


For the one who LOVES Fall:
We all know her and secretly are her. As soon as the Summer heat breaks she’s first in line for Pumpkin Spice anything. This holiday gift set will keep her Fall vibes alive all season long.

Fall Favorites $55

London Grant Co. Chai Spice Latte Body Scrub, Triple O Polish Fon Nail Polish, Palm Trees & 80 Degrees Waves of Amber Candle and YGB matchsticks

For the hostess with the mostest:
You’ll recognize these gifts at her next gathering because she’ll be obsessed with them! This holiday gift set will be the talk of the town.

Elevated Edibles $55

 Lady J Sweet and Spicy Sauce, Teaspressa Mojito Sugar Cubes, Jungalow Kaya Striped Cup, Golde Superfood Sampler


For the self-care queen:
She starts her morning the same way everyday and disappears at the same time every night to start her 17 step nighttime skincare routine. We all want to be her but love to hit snooze and watch one too many episodes on Netflix. This holiday gift set will be the essentials she didn’t know she needed.

The Glow Kit $55 

Skin Muse Nail/Cuticle Oil, Heritage Apothecary Tiger’s Eye Facial Roller, Heritage Apothecary White Sage and Lavender Smoke Stick, Zen by Esnavi Agave Lip Scrub and YGB chapstick


For the organizer:
This holiday gift set will not go to waste in the cleanest home in town. Each item is essential, functional, and will compliment their daily routines. 

Homemaker Essentials $45
Eleven Paper Goods Progress Mini Pad, Pur Home Citrus Multi-surface Cleaner, Palm Trees & 80 Degrees Beach Linen Candle and YGB matchsticks