Our Year in Review ✨

What We Watched DT: Girlfriends, Netflix really blessed us with all of my favorite, old early 2000s sitcoms. Also, the Mandalorian! As a non Star Wars groupie, it was such a joy to watch. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed it too :) DG: Money Heist! Wow! It was so amazing! My parents and I finished the series in 3 weeks during quarantine. We’d stay up until 4-5 am binge watching the show together. What We Read DT: “The Vanishing Half” by Britt Bennett. I had pre-ordered this book that came out on my birthday this year because I loved her first novel “The Mothers” so so much. It did not disappoint. I also purchased and read “Palette: The Beauty Bible for...

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5 Ways to De-Stress 🧘🏾‍♀️

So much growth happened over the last year, but don’t let the added stress of the holidays weigh you down. It’s time to finish off strong. Here are some ways YGB Co-founders Danielle and Danielle de-stress and unwind!  Light a candle. It’s no secret that scent affects your mood. Lavender is usually the go to scent for a relaxing candle, but a bright, citrus scent will help you ignite new energy and spark joy! We highly recommend Palm Trees & 80 Degrees’ Sun Kissed Citrus candle (featured in the YGB membership box) as a first light in the morning to get your day going. Make a playlist of feel-good music. Mood music always sets the scene. Whether you’re working from...

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